Spotlight: Culver City Family Alliance

Immediately after the 2016 election, when immigrants were among the first targeted groups of the new administration, the Foundation held an emergency board meeting. Our familial ties to immigrants are so deep and powerful that we unanimously adopted ONE PRIORITY: Keeping Families Together.

The Foundation decided to engage in comprehensive local action to support children and families in our community. We committed to the following fundamentals of Social Justice grant making:

·       Promoting empowerment and resilience among immigrant parents whose families were under attack by including them as decision makers.

Serving as allies to partner organizations by contributing not only funding but time, knowledge, skills and access.

In March 2017, in partnership with the Culver City Unified School District and local allies and nonprofit organizations, the Culver City Family Alliance (CCFA) was launched. The priority for this experimental pilot was a focus on one particularly vulnerable and targeted population: undocumented and mixed-status families.

The stress and anxieties many children in immigrant and refugee families face, as they live in fear of losing loved ones to detention or deportation, impact every aspect of their lives, from mental health to school success. Other issues impacting this population include: poverty; food insecurity; immigration-related legal difficulties; and insufficient access to affordable health care. To address these issues, CCFA sought to provide critical wrap-around services to families in jeopardy. CCFA’s whole-family focus increased children’s chances for success and built long-term resilience in parents all too familiar with adversity.

CCFA developed these guiding principles and goals:
- Address and respond to immediate needs identified and expressed by vulnerable families.
- Empower the families to provide for themselves and build their own sense of resilience.

The CCFA pilot project, funded by the Fineshriber Family Foundation, was comprised of the following partners, programs, and allies, who came together to specifically support the students enrolled in CCUSD and their families:
More programs and projects have grown out of these in an ongoing process of community ownership, including nutrition and exercise classes; a locally focused, free Spanish-language newspaper; small business training; and ongoing food, counseling, case management, and self-help services.
Grant History
Case management staff and services for undocumented and mixed status families
2017- $75,000
2018- $80,000
2019- $85,000

Emergency Fund
2019- $7,500
Specialty food in addition to donated produce for Free Farmers Market
2017- 2018 - $14,800
Books and Application Fees; Laptop Lending Program
2018- $40,000
Legal Services and general operating support
2017- $37,625
2018- $110,700
Seed funding of scholarships for DACA and undocumented graduating seniors
2018- 2019 - $18,000
Clothing; school supplies; food; and emergency funding
2016- $10,000
2017- $25,000
2018- $30,000
Fiscal Sponsor of CCFA: consulting and staffing expenses; program fees and supplies reimbursements; back office and sponsorship fees
2018-2019 - $116,000
*Also included in Equity Initiative grants
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